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Anke had a dream of not only setting up a retirement home for old dogs to live out their lives, but also a place for end of life care and to raise orphaned puppies. Being able to provide the accommodation, along with care, time and knowledge of dogs Anke asked Ali to form an association to make the dream a reality.

Raising a dog is like a rainbow. Puppies are the joy at one end. Old dogs are the treasure at the other.  


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While we don’t know how long a dog will be in our care; weeks, months or years, we do know that every one of them deserves an end of life that we would wish for our own companion dogs; one of comfort, security and trust that enables them to pass their time snoozing, mooching or having the choice to be close to other canines and humans. However, some dogs, possibly due to owner circumstances, may find themselves placed in shelters. For a loyal four legged friend this can be traumatic blow, even more so if they are ill or old.

Our aim is to provide a home environment for such dogs to live out their lives with comfort and love. We can accommodate up to eight dogs in the Dawn & Dusk barn and a pregnant mum/litter of puppies in a newly constructed wooden cabin. 

A key part of our mission is to have a community feel where all are welcomed; volunteers are actively encouraged to take part in the day to day care of our residents as well as fundraising and supporting Dawn & Dusk

While we will care for each individual dogs needs, physically, mentally and their health we do not believe in prolonging a dogs life to fulfill our needs. Each dogs care will be looked at on an individual basis. This means if due to prolonging their life by a few months they need vet intervention eg an intrusive, stressful operation or they will be in pain then we may choose the option of a pain free end.

Dogs are cared for with the help of volunteers. The day to day running ranges from being ‘hands on’ with the dogs feeding, grooming, walking, playing, sitting and stroking to ‘house keeping’ tidying the outside area, keeping inside clean, washing food bowls and blankets and topping up water supplies.

Daily help with the dogs are broken up into morning sessions (from 10 – 12) and afternoon sessions (variable depending on season either 2pm – 4pm or 4- 6 pm). Outside of these times is negotiable with Anke. 

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