Full Name
PomPomPompiDom (sung to any tune)
People, belly scratches and strokes, food but not kibble, bones and chews, sofas
Cats, being brushed, being parted from his bones and chews

Pompom was the very first dog to officially become our senior resident. He came to us through a local rescue organisation, after his owner died. Unfortunately, he hasn’t had a great life; spending many years being chained up and bullied by another (free range) dog. 

Pommy is about 12 years old and though he is a fiesty and strongwilled terrier; his little body is getting old,.. and his heart is struggling to keep up with everything he wants to do! He is on medication to support his heart function, but he still coughs a lot and needs to be protected from the heat. His trachea is damaged from being tied up all his life, but he wears a harness so we don’t have to ever attach a lead to his collar. His eyesight and hearing are declining also, but he manages fine and is a very happy chap!

Pommy is a lovely, cuddly true terrier, who absolutely craves attention and human presence, but is fiesty with other (boy) dogs. He loves to be around girls though 🙂 and he is amazing with our two puppy-guests Timmy and Nellie! We look forward to getting to know him better and spoiling him rotten during the time he has left!