Cross breed
People, dogs, cats, cuddles, food, in fact he likes everything and everybody!
Being alone.

Primus ended up in a refuge at 11 years old, after a crappy life with an owner that threatened to shoot him if the refuge wouldn’t take him!

Enough said about his past,..

Amazingly enough, dear old Primus still loves to be around people! He leans into you, and tries to be as close as possible while resting his beautiful head on your hand and looking at you with eyes that say Please Love Me,…and we do!! To meet him is to love him, instantly. He came to us very, very thin, but still full of life and we look forward to feeding him the very best food, seeing him flourish and return to the state he should have been in at this age; that of a well-fed, beautiful, cherished old boy! He has had a cancerous testicle removed, so we are hoping that that was the only problem he had and will be able to nurse him back to health quickly!