Balls!! Big balls, small balls, tennis balls,... People; the more the better! Treats and chews. Sofa's and soft cushions.
Other dogs that get too close to her People. Other dogs that get too close to her treats and chews. Other dogs that want to touch her balls.

14 years old (Queen) Titi was ‘disposed of’ by the family of her deceased owner. Refuges wouldn’t take her because she was considered non-rehomeable due to her age, so a lovely Association called Poil aux Pattes took over her care and placed her with us.

Titi is a very loving, cuddly little terrier for people, but has a big attitude towards other dogs!. She probably had to learn to defend herself, living with too many dogs with her previous owner, under not-so-good conditions,. and of course, she’s a Jack Russell Terrier! Titi’s vision and hearing are declining and she suffers from arthritis and a skin condition, but she is a happy, feisty, fun-loving little cutie and we are hoping she’ll fit in with our growing doggy family!