Pompom’s diary entry number 1

First entering,.

It’s been almost two weeks now, since I arrived at this new place. I don’t really want to discuss where I came from, because it’s no use looking back and honestly, us dogs, we don’t really think about our past, unless somebody or something reminds us of it.

So, I got dropped in this place right, and everything was new, and exciting and a bit scary too! First of all, I had to explore and find out all about this place and find an exit! I kept checking all the gates and fences and I couldn’t find any! How is a dog supposed to get out and roam and catch a chicken (or 2)? Bit stressful, those first days,. and there are 4 really big dogs on the other side of the fence; and though this seems to be their place, they should really know that I’m in charge anyway, because I’m a Terrier and we RULE everywhere we go!!  So I try to fight them through the fence, especially the big white fluffy one. Annoying thing is, they don’t seem to take me seriously?? What the heck?? They just ignore me!

And then there’s those two black little mongrels, what’s up with them? One of them is cross eyed, can’t even look at me straight! Bumps into me too sometimes, how rude is that? But they seem to be some sort of giant babies or something, so I’ll let it pass, for now,..

There are nice things too, I have to admit; a living room with sofa’s (I do like a soft sofa,…),  lots of people that seem to like cuddling me, a field to run around in (shame those mongrels follow me around everywhere), and lots of food! I made sure not to touch the dry stuff, so now they get me super yummy wet food and all sorts of things to chew on. Of course, the mongrels tried to take my chews from me, but don’t think they’ll try THAT again, hahahaha!! I might be old, my teeth are just fine and I know how to use them! 

All in all, I don’t think life is too bad here. I think I might stay for a bit,..not really that keen on getting out any more.

Also, the lady that is here all the time, she seems kind of OK. She brings me my food twice a day and gives me lots of cuddles. Also, I’m starting to get the routine of the place, I like it when things are predictable

Might even get used to the mongrels,…